About Victoria

Based on the Mid North Coast of NSW in the beautiful town of Lake Cathie surrounded by both ocean and lake. Solitary by nature Victoria can often be found sitting under a tree or meandering along the beach in total appreciation of life and all of the teachings.


Currently Victoria practices in person at her newly refurbished practice trusting that  2020 could not be a more potent year to step up and serve humanity in a time where clarity and comfort are a greatly desired.

Having an inner knowing and trusting that not all lessons are seen in the physical world Victoria, since a child  aligns deeply with nature conversing with animals, connecting with trees and rocks knowing the sky held more that clouds and rain.  As a child with her imaginary friends, potion making and climbing aboard her starship filled her childhood weekends inviting her to merge into realms that many would deem fantasy.


With her innate intuitive abilities well developed throughout her childhood it was no surprise that she entered into the esoteric world of healing during her teens where she studied everything available to her (remembering the days before accessible internet!) from numerology, reflexology, aromatherapy, reiki and finally finding Kahuna massage in 2001. To this day it remains her core modality as she trust so deeply in both the profound shifts she has witnessed in her years of practice but also her resonance with the Kahuna philosophy and teachings.  As a long life student of nature Victoria has always worked closely with crystals, animal and natures wisdom coupled with her Medicine Drum she lives to honour the cycles of Earth so it is no doubt that her style of supporting others draws those wishing to lead authentic grounded lifestyle.


After some years of practicing bodywork and travelling the east coast of Aus building her business, crystals and sacred adornments Victoria began noticing symptoms in clients such as tired muscles and stagnate energy coincided with poor self esteem, self sabotage with stories generally ending in ‘wishful thinking’ or ‘there’s nothing I can do about it’ philosophies. With her understanding of the Laws of the Universe and awareness of  ‘words are our wands’ it was here her interest in neuroscience ignited.

Gaining practitioner certificates  in NLP (neuro Linguistic Programming), Mbit (Multiple Brain Integration) and currently undertaking her Diploma in Forensic Healing have all been potent modalities for work.

Victoria is proud to now be providing clients with a nurturing well rounded practice that relaxes the body, illuminates the desires of soul and aligns the mind to support the future self.