Welcome to Liminal

Aligning Mind, Body and Soul.

Where anything is possible.

An activation space created with the intent to illicit true inner calm, a place of trust where you are safe to embrace the unconditional love your Soul Self holds for you. A place where your Heart will lead you to clarity and new perspectives aligning you to your Authentic Self.


My Offerings

Looking to take some much needed time for yourself? An hour or 2 of deep relaxation? Or are you feeling the need to delve into areas of your life physical or emotional that you may be feeling friction or blockages?

At Liminal we offer a holistic approach to align your mind, body and soul. With over 20 years experience Victoria will guide you to help you feel grounded - allowing you to tune in to the best version of yourself.


When you are holding on to stagnate energy that is manifesting into the physical body as pain, stiffness or fatigue. In turn this may contribute to undesirable moods, lack of energy and unwanted sleep patterns.

Finding yourself in reoccurring situations and wanting to identify patterns, and ultimately to evolve and grow form these lessons.

If there has been trauma whether it is past or present – exploring this on a deeper level

A rite of Passage - When there are endings in one’s life such as in a career, relations, or other personal transformations. Reading oneself to beginning a new cycle

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Honouring your Sacredness – your multi level Being .

You are lacking passion, clarity and direction

A mind body soul detox preparing the body when having the innate feeling that you are on the brink of something new and exciting but there is a feeling of being blocked.

In times of uncertainty and feeling ungrounded.

When are sessions with Victoria of most benefit?